Become a Friend of Bear

Saturday, January 12, 2013

If you are a lover of our festival and would like to help it thrive, please consider signing on as a "Friend of Bear." Dollars collected through this annual support effort help pay for facilities—like our giant tent, sound systems, and more; performers on the MainStage; workshops, and many more of the costs associated with production of our festival. We are an all-volunteer staff and a 501c3 organization.

"With all the free live music, art, workshops and children's activities offered by the festival, Bear on the Square is asking its fans to help support it," said Glenda Pender, president of Bear on the Square. "With our Friends of Bear organization, we are hoping that those who love our festival will step forward and and join those who have already shown their commitment to Friends of Bear during the past two years."

Friends of Bear members each year receive various festival-related items based on their level of contribution, and Friends of Bear information will be announced as event plans are finalized. Those interested in participating in the 2014 Friends of Bear program can sign up HERE.

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