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Amy Ray Visits With The Bear

Amy Ray, admits she was petrified to play live with many of the old-timers rooted in the mountains, and it wasn’t until last year’s Bear on the Square festival near her home that she felt brave enough to accept an invitation to share a stage in the gospel tent with some local musicians. “If I go jam with people in Dahlonega who are great musicians, I can’t play those guitar runs, but I can play the rhythms and sing,” she said. “I love storytelling and I love that music. That’s country that’s old-school and traditional.”

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A referral from Lakeside on Lanier, LakeLanier.com:  Bear on the Square



A visit from TV station Fox 5 Atlanta -- Story and video


Dahlonega’s Bear on the Square has been a local legend since 1996, going back to the time when a bear cub took refuge in the sycamore tree in front of Brad Walker’s Pottery.

The True Dahlonega Bear Story




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