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Amy Ray Visits With The Bear 

Amy Ray admits she was petrified to play live with many of the old-timers rooted in the mountains, and it wasn’t until last year’s Bear on the Square festival near her home that she felt brave enough to accept an invitation to share a stage in the gospel tent with some local musicians. “If I go jam with people in Dahlonega who are great musicians, I can’t play those guitar runs, but I can play the rhythms and sing,” she said. “I love storytelling and I love that music. That’s country that’s old-school and traditional.”

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10 Fun Things to Do Around Atlanta

by Howard Pousner
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
March 16, 2015

Bear on the Square Mountain Festival
Check out The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s extensive list of metro area festivals on March 27 in Go Guide, but sometimes it’s fun to turn the crafts-and-funnel-cakes experience to a day-trip adventure.

Consider the Bear on the Square Mountain Festival in the picturesque North Georgia town of Dahlonega, a little more than an hour north of I-285. It offers a thoughtfully organized celebration of Southern Appalachian culture on April 18-19.

There will be bluegrass and old-time music, arts and crafts and kids activities all around the historic square. Bear on the Square’s tale-spinning slate, organized by the Southern Order of Storytellers, has been designated the Southeastern Regional Spotlight Event this year by the National Storytelling Network.

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Dahlonega's Eclectic Mountain Music Scene is Pure Gold

by Candice Dyer
Georgia Music Magazine
March 2015

Bear on the Square

The locals refer to it as just “Bear.” This downhome, family-friendly festival, held the third weekend of April, celebrates all aspects of Appalachian culture – art, folkways, dancing, and storytelling, but primarily music, with impromptu jams wherever a fiddler can find elbow room. Under the big tent are the marquee acts such as the Skillet Lickers, Hog-Eyed Man, the Buzzard Mountain Boys, and Threadbare Skivvies. Don’t be surprised if an old-timer tosses aside his cane along with his Baptist raisin’ and starts buck-dancing. On the, well, square. April 18 – 19.

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