Master Classes

Keep watching this space for information about Master Classes at the 19th Annual Bear on the Square Mountain Festival, which is coming up the third weekend of April 2015


Over the years, Bear on the Square's Master Class workshops have featured some of the music industry's top bluegrass and old-tie musicians and instructors. The classes, which are sponsored by the SouthEastern Bluegrass Association (SEBA) are in-depth sessions designed to be practical and very hands on.

A list of those who have conducted these classes over the past five years is a clear indication of the quality of these Master Classes:

2010 - David Peterson, vocals; Mike Compton, intermediate/advanced mandolin; Charlie Cushman, bluegrass banjo; Johnny Warren, bluegrass fiddle; Ron Shuffler, upright bass; Beverly Smith, old-time fiddle; Curtis Jones, intermediate/advanced guitar; Carl Jones, clawhammer banjo; Jim Pittman, beginning/intermediate guitar; and Patsy Kline, beginning/intermediate mandolin.

2011 - Geoff Hohwald, bluegrass banjo; Bradley Laird, mandolin; Curtis Jones, guitar; David Blackmon, bluegrass fiddle; Sonny Houston, bass fiddle; James Bryan, old-time fiddle; and Carl Jones, old-time banjo.

2012 - Greg Earnest, bluegrass banjo; Curtis Jones, mandolin; Kenneth Johnson, old-time rhythm guitar; David Blackmon, bluegrass fiddle; Chris Enghauser, bass fiddle; Mick Kenney, old-time fiddle; Tom Ryan, old-time banjo; John Lilly, singing and yodeling; and Miss Sharon Moonshine, flatfoot dancing.

2013 - Geoff Hohwald, back-up bluegrass banjo; Curtis Jones, rhythm guitar; Martin Norgaard, improvising over standing fiddle tunes; and Chris Enghauser, bass spelling chords.

2014 - Frank Lee, old-time banjo; Erynn Marshall, Southern old-time fiddle; Carl Jones, intermediate/advanced old-time mandolin; Leah Calvert, bluegrass fiddle; Jason Kenney, intermediate bluegrass guitar; and Chris Enghauser, bass fiddle.

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