Jeff Mosier

Jeff Mosier


Rev. Jeff Mosier is known as one of the founders of BlueGround UnderGrass and the Aquarium Rescue Unit and has a long and colorful history in the jam band genre.

He has a special ability to combine bluegrass with trance, jazz and rock music which has made him an icon in the jam band world. During his musical career, he has shared the musical stage with Leftover Salmon, Widespread Panic, Vassar Clements, the Allman Brothers Band and many more.

He toured in l994 with Phish and tutored them in the ways of bluegrass. The Phish Companion commented, "Perhaps no guest artist has had as great an influence on the band’s music as the Rev Jeff Mosier".

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Saturday, April 21, 2018 - 4:00pm

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