Canadian Fiddle Styles

Saturday, April 22, 2017 - 1:00pm
Uncle Dave's Workshop Tent
April Verch



There are several different regional styles of fiddling in Canada from coast to coast, including Ottawa Valley, Western Canadian, Metis, Maritime, Cape Breton and French Canadian.  This workshop will provide an overview of these different styles and explore what makes each of them unique.  

We will learn to play a tune, and apply the bowing patterns and ornamentation techniques that correspond to regional fiddling in Canada.  All of these regional styles are based on some type of dance tradition, and we will discuss a variety of different types of tunes that are common in most Canadian fiddle traditions, including jigs, reels, two-steps, polkas, waltzes, aires, etc.  

This class is best suited to intermediate players, although a player at any level who wants to explore these topics will enjoy.  Tunes will be taught "by ear”  please feel free to bring your recording device and lots of questions, as the class will be tailored to suit your needs and requests.  

We will be mindful of keeping with the roots of this tradition - getting together to make music and have a great time in a relaxed, social environment!

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